This is an Oak longbow with a pine face.

It has an 80lb draw so its fairly powerful and is 6ft tall. It draws to full stretch with no creaking.

Oak was a traditional English Longbow material, however Yew is more widely known for building bows.

To add some additional spring to the bow I laminated it with pine as shown in the sketch.


Once it was all glued up I shaped it with a spoke shave, testing the draw and balancing the weight and flex until I had a bow with a matching curve at the top and bottom.

I shaped the handle to suit and added some leather to protect the bow. I still need to add something to stop the arrows wearing on the side of the bow.


The arrows are ash and fletched with pheasant feathers (all I could find!, Goose feathers would be better).

This took about 5 hours to make.