As space is at a premium in my shop I built this low cost Bench Sander as a lathe attachment.

Its constructed from 6mm Ply and 40mm Square stock from the off cut pile.

I incorporated a mitre guide for accurate sanding and dust extraction.

The sanding disc is two sheets of Ply, cut square to 22cm. A 10mm dowel was placed in the centre of one sheet to ensure the lathe face plate remounts accurately and fits in the headstock of the lathe when mounted.

9 x M6 bolts were drilled through to mount the faceplate and counter sunk before gluing and dowelling the second sheet , the combined sheets were then trimmed to the size of the self adhesive sanding sheets on the lathe. The off cut became the bottom part of the dust extractor.

The box is made from 40mm square stock spaced to create the dust extraction system, then 6mm  ply is used for the top, bottom and sides.

To create an accurate mounting for the  lathe I cut some 40mm stock with 45 deg angles which fits in the lathe bed. Some scrap pine, M8 threaded bar off-cut and a wing nut were used to create the clamp.

Total cost:
6mm Ply – £ 0.80
Self Adhesive Sanding sheets – £6.00
Everything else was surplus from other projects.