Files are an important part of a a carpenters tool kit. Most come with plastic or wooden handles. Mine came without any at all.

Using files without handles is a quick way to get injured, so I made some quick and easy handles on the lathe.

I got the idea from this guy:


The handles are made from Sapele.


I made a range of sizes with slightly different shapes, so I could try them out and see what fit my hand best. The smaller one is the best fit and shape, so I’ll return the others to this shape at a later date.



To fit the handles to the files you need to drill out a hole for the shank to fit into, this should fit very tightly around the shank, a hammer fit, rather than a press fit. To stop the wodd splitting when the shank is hammered in you will need a ferrule. This is a collar that fits around the handle and forces the wood to compress around the shank. You can purchase specialy made ferrules or you can make your own from copper or brass pipe. These are brass olive joints, I liked the shape, colour and price! You can also get them in a range of sizes to suit different handle diameters.