Yew Shoe Rack

Yew Shoe Rack

This is a wany edged shoe rack made of Yew. You can see the starting material in one of the photos. It was chosen becuase of its unusual grain pattern rather than in spite of it. The twisting grain, knots and hollows made it a difficult bit of wood to work on.

I made a sander thicknesser and disc sander that run off my lathe to help me build this. You can see more about them on my other posts.


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Banksia Nut tea light


This is a small Tea Light made from a Banksia Nut as a bit of an experiment.

The nut is a bit like a pine cone, its full of holes and has several layers of different qualities. The outer is a hard nut like shell, underneath that is a mass of fibres and this gives way to a harder layer underneath. Its strong enough to be turned into intricate shapes.

Warning. The dust from this is fairly toxic so use a dust mask when turning these!

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Beech Bowl

A small bowl made of Beech. This is one of a pair I made with my daughter.

The dark banding is applied by holding a chisel edge to the wood until the heat builds up enought to scorch the wood.

Finish is Shellac.

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Purple Heart Bowl

This is a large bowl made of Purple Heart (Peltogyne).

This is one of the hardest woods in the world. Its very difficult to work (this broke a roughing gouge clean in half). The colour of the wood is light brown when cut and it turns shades of purple once the fresh wood is exposed to light or heat.

This was turned in one cut from outside through to inside (rather than remounting it on the lathe to cut the inner and outer parts. After turning the shape I heated the outside of the bowl with a blow torch to darken the wood. The heat produces a natural protection in the wood and it polishes without the aid of shellac etc. The inside of the bowl was left to change colour slightly then sealed with friction polish.

Dimensions: 9 1/2 Inches x 3 1/2 inches.



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Oak Longbow

This is an Oak longbow with a pine face.

It has an 80lb draw so its fairly powerful and is 6ft tall. It draws to full stretch with no creaking.

Oak was a traditional English Longbow material, however Yew is more widely known for building bows.

To add some additional spring to the bow I laminated it with pine as shown in the sketch.


Once it was all glued up I shaped it with a spoke shave, testing the draw and balancing the weight and flex until I had a bow with a matching curve at the top and bottom.

I shaped the handle to suit and added some leather to protect the bow. I still need to add something to stop the arrows wearing on the side of the bow.


The arrows are ash and fletched with pheasant feathers (all I could find!, Goose feathers would be better).

This took about 5 hours to make.


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